Thursday, 13 March 2014

from sky to earth

Yesterday during the 6-8 Art class, I mentioned how stunning the sky has been on my way to work this winter. One of the students asked me in an interested voice, "Where do you work?" Thought that was pretty funny. And thought you might like to see some sky photos that have been influencing our artistic endeavours...

A few weeks ago, Tom saw this fascinating fruit at the grocery store. Thinking of us, he bought the fruit and brought it to our morning meeting. What a refreshing treat! And such a beautiful shape! We smelled, sampled, and sowed the seeds. 

And look what Tom brought this week! A mango! We passed the fruit around before eating and really noticed the colour changes as the fruit ripened. It was red closest to the stem, faded to orange, and then slowly turned to green.

Currently, we have the pit drying in a basket on the nature table. Once the pit is dry, we hope to harvest the seed like so:

 photos source:, March 2014

One of the neatest things about this whole experience is the trend it has started. After sharing the mango, Kix and Brett have brought in apples to have cut up and shared with the class during our morning meeting. Before we eat the fruit we closely examine it, smell it, and talk about what we observe. After we eat the fruit we plant a couple of the seeds. Thanks to Nic's research on the last snow day, and some help from Matthew's Grandma, we even have the top of a pineapple regrowing on our windowsill. What a perfect way to get excited about spring and planting our gardens!

Now I am off to dream of our gardens...