Monday, 19 May 2014

Earth, Wind and Frogs

I hope this post finds you warm and well. It was a chilly May day today, however the rain is quite welcome. The ditch water we were measuring at the beginning of the month seeped into the dry ground days ago and the grass has been begging for a drink. I think the buds will be happy as well.

Things at our Little Green Schoolhouse have been exciting both indoors and out. We have begun our spring inquiry projects that investigate water, wind, soil, and plants. Some of these projects include: raising frogs that Jack brought in, studying the lifecycle of a mosquito (we are raising mosquitos too!), plant and soil experiments, and a flower study. For now, I offer you a glimpse into the last couple of weeks and the promise of more pictures and stories soon.

windowsill sunflowers 
Seeds we are sprouting to eat with our windowsill lettuce.
Spring Tea centrepieces almost ready to go... felt by K-8 art classes

delivering the centrepieces

Spring Tea 2014

quiet moment following the performance

And here we are last week, on the way to fetch fresh pond water for our beloved tadpoles. This is how the mosquito larva came to be...

off we go
Why not journal while we're at it?
on a log

on the trail

on a rock

on a frog bucket

Thank you for washing our muddy clothes, drying out our boots, and checking us for wood-ticks. These are the days that will fill us with joy and keep our eyes open to the wonderful world we are apart of.