Thursday, 6 November 2014

Autumn in Argyle

"Before I scurry into the details of this day, let me touch that web of 
timeless peace and drape it gentle on my shoulders." 
-Gill Edwards

As most of you dear readers know, each morning in Argyle begins with a walk down the trail. It is this start to the day that sets the tone in our schoolhouse. This fall, K-2 often returned to the trail, returned to the bush, after morning assembly. The autumn days were sunny and crisp. Here amongst the trees, the flowers, and the mushrooms, we got to really know each other. We made new friendships, and rekindled old. We built trust. And most of all, we came back each day with a stronger foundation for a year of community and learning. 

In September we were...
looking for something wonderful
stopping to take a look at the grasses here on the trail
waking up the senses
finding strange buds
giving leopard frogs rides
making friends
showing each other what we found
taking many trips to the mushroom forest
studying mushrooms
documenting our findings
writing in our explorer books
drawing what we observe
finding strange mushroom houses in the mushroom forest
wondering who this little man was
collecting and comparing leaves
collecting objects 
sorting objects
playing colour BINGO 
making stone soup with our garden vegetables
learning the alphabet (aspen leaves)

making R with rosehips

making L with leaves

In October we...
picked the grapes to make jelly
whipped up some biscuits so we could eat the jelly we made 

worked together

watched the light and the grass change

made an N for nature
wrote about it
found a huge root
went to Fort Whyte Centre on an adventure
had a pumpkin festival
measured, weighed, rolled... pumpkins
counted hundreds of seeds

I am so excited to have our blog up again. Check back often, as the wonder and learning will most certainly continue.

May you have a beautiful weekend,
Ms Hadfield and co.