Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Goodbye, 2014

Oh dear readers, how I have missed you and our little blog. This school year I have spent less time writing here, as you probably have noticed. After a full day of planning, prepping, playing, working, walking, and creating, evenings have been used for sleeping and recovering, playing and reading. I hope you find these collections of photos enjoyable. It always fills my heart with love and happy memories to look back through photos of our learning. And it is with this joyful heart I am inspired and motivated to go forward.
In December, we were fortunate to have the support of our families and friends for the 100th Christmas celebration, concert, and brunch. We held our first (hopefully annual) lantern walk, rode on a horse drawn wagon around the community, and worked in our gingerbread workshop.
at the rink, post lantern walk

parents and teachers warm by the fire

walking to the community centre

Sam and Ben show their beautiful lanterns

Writing out the recipe for Easy, Excellent Gingerbread
Rob rolls out the gingerbread dough

feeling the warmth of the dough

Rolling out the excess dough to make more squares

and more squares

assembling the homes

Candy Shop

Autumn spends the last of her money at the candy shop

A home for a horse, all under a $2.00 budget

cow shelter

UPDATE: Thanks to the veggie fundraiser last fall, we have purchased these woodland and farm animals and the blocks you see below. A few of the students have been playing a game they invented called "The Great Stack". They are challenging themselves to see just how tall the animals can be stacked. We measure and record in centimetres each time we play the game.

the great stack game
This is just one example of the creating and building happening with our new blocks. This castle even has its own moose pen.

Walking towards the busses on the last school day of 2014