Friday, 6 March 2015

Making the most out of our Indoor Space

February, warm clothing or not, seems to be an indoor kind of month in Manitoba. So, we make the best of it...building and playing in our community (which now has a clinic and lemonade stand), designing lands, painting, sorting and counting.
Bring in a dinosaur book and soon someone sets up a dinosaur land. Set up a dinosaur land, and soon there are all sorts of lands all over the room! 

Got a sore leg? Need a Band-Aid? Visit Mykayla in the community clinic. After that, swing by the lemonade stand!

We are so fortunate to have a K-2 dad that works in conservation. These posters were a reminder of all the animals we hope to see again come spring.

February Valentine and Friendship Celebration...

100 Days of School. Here we are grouping the 100 objects we collected. Groups of was a morning of counting!

A sweet treat from Samuel and Benjamin to mark the occasion:

And here we are yesterday, with one of our favourite art tools: watercolour pencils. Painting pictures for our beloved music teacher.

Never is it TOO cold to go outside for a little while...