Monday, 16 September 2013

Our First Full Week

Looking back at the photos from our first full week, I noticed two things: fall is a breathtakingly beautiful season, and we have done a lot in a week! As we move through September, we are all feeling more comfortable with the routine here at school.

morning walk together: an important daily routine

finding a quiet place to journal
Last week, we began our morning word-work and printing, while our older friends created menus for our class restaurant.

Last week, Myles found this fuzzy little creature on his shoe during the Terry Fox Run.

We carefully put him back in the tall grass and decided to do some research. After an unsuccessful search at school today, and some deep investigations at home this evening, I think this is a Banded Tussock caterpillar. I would certainly be open to feedback if any of our readers have any information or thoughts.

If this is in fact a Banded Tussock, he will eat many kinds of trees and shrubs found in Manitoba and turn into a light coloured moth like this one:

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on the TerryFox run 2013
As we experience our days, we are keeping a close eye on the changing season. These beautiful watercolour paintings show warm and cool colours. It was fascinating to hear the kids describe the qualities of warm (orange, red, brown, golden yellow) and cool (blue, purple, light green) colours. Their descriptions were much better than I could have ever come up with myself.  

Warm colours are like the sun, fire, and they seem soft; they remind us of fall. Cool colours remind us of winter; they are icy and they seem almost hard. 

We hung our work up to dry and it is catching the morning light just beautifully.

May you have a peaceful and beautiful week,
Ms Hadfield

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
-William Butler Yeats