Monday, 9 September 2013

We're Stuck in a Purple Stew...

... Scooby Dooby Do!

Has someone from our class taught you that song yet? Have they told you about the K-3 garden?

Can you spot the carrot?

Last spring, the K-3 class planted a beautiful, purple garden that we just harvested purple potatoes, corn and beans from. It was exciting to pull up dry (and a little sad looking) plants and see purple, delicious potatoes! After harvest, we studied and sketched the vegetables; we also decided it would be best to make both a purple stew and some purple fries.

Celebrating September's Arrival

Here we are preparing the soup. Everyone was happy to help cut, chop, stir, and clean up. (You may have noticed orange carrots in our pot. These came from Ms Hadfield's garden.) Mrs Abrahams and some of our friends also whipped up some purple fries while we were making soup. They were delicious!

Chopping Potatoes

"There's our corn!"