Friday, 20 December 2013

Season's Greetings

I hope this blog-post has found you safe and warm; I thank you for not giving up on us as it has been many weeks since I have sat down at the computer. Tomorrow is the winter solstice, therefore I suppose this is the last day of autumn. Hard to believe, as here on the prairie people, plants, and animals have been prepared for winter's coming for weeks! As the weather turned frigid, we stayed warm and filled our room and hearts with light. Take a look...

Tom counts his change at the Brant Argyle Store Grand Opening. Mary (grade 8) and her purchases.

A busy grand opening!

Fort Strategy 

December Light

Kix in the fort

The winter, recess-time shelters

Some of us like to slide down the hill

Snow Covered Gardens (Good thing we picked the tomatoes!)

The Gingerbread Man in Three Acts

Nic, Myles and Matt taking a break

A Beautiful Sight

Sketching Snowmen

I will take a moment to share this beautiful winter story we read together this month as it is certainly one of my favourites. The Snowman by Raymond Briggs is a dreamlike, wordless story that drew us all in. Briggs tells the story of a boy who builds a snowman one winter day. He is soon woken in the night and invited to have all sorts of adventures with the snowman. We were inspired by the soft pencil sketches in this book and decided to create our own.

Bailey's Snowman

Here we are at the post office mailing our letters to Santa!

Post Christmas Concert Pyjama Day

We were ALL feeling cozy that day.

Making gifts for the birds.

A bird feeder: Vegetable shortening and seeds. Thanks to Mrs Schot for the seeds!

So Gooey! 

Do you see the Feeder? They were suddenly half gone in a couple of days!

Last week, this was at the beginning of our daily walk.... 
....and this was at the end.  Multi-Age at its finest.

K-8 Gingerbread Math Extravaganza: The K-3 General Store was open for business again. This time REAL candy!



Cinnamon Ornaments: Cinnamon, Applesauce, and GLUE!

Ornaments ready to dry

Mr Gillies helps a little one clean her hands.

clay owls: our Christmas offerings this year

Skating Day! What a prairie scene!

Caleb on the ice!

Very serious story writing happening here. 

Our Family Traditions during the Holidays

And lastly, HAPPY HOLIDAYS from this finished owl

Wishing all a love-filled holiday and a joyous beginning to the new year!
See you January 6th!