Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Snow has Arrived...

...but has the Tomten?

Now that the snow has fallen, we are keeping a watchful eye for fresh Tomten tracks. A Tomten is quite like a gnome, or an elf, but he lives on only on farms and in rural countrysides. The Tomten is a kind being that helps the animals of the farm and watches over the children. The Tomten especially likes animals and children because they can speak the Tomten language.

“If they would only wake up, then I could talk to them in Tomten language, a silent little language children can understand.  But children sleep at night.”

Tomten tracks or Bailey and Cassie tracks?

We also continued with our exploration of how Living Things Prepare for Winter. We really narrowed it down to three things living things will do in a climate such as ours:

migrate! hibernate! or adapt!

Which would you choose if you could?

Another extreemly exciting project happening in our room right now is the Brant Argyle Store. Myles, Cassie, Nic, and Matt have been busy designing, setting up, pricing items, and making flyers for the first ever (in school) Brant Argyle Store!

the staff schedule

Thanks to last month's veggie fundraiser and a lot of help from Nic's very generous and handy parents, our play area went from this:

To this:

On Monday, we will have our GRAND OPENING. All students will be invited to tour and shop the store. Fresh cookies made by K-3 will be served and the store will be officially open for all to enjoy during playtime! All families are of course welcome to join us and celebrate our new space for imagination.