Saturday, 15 February 2014

Celebrating Friendship and Love

Although we were still stuck indoors, we made the most of it this week. We took the time to start each day with compliments for each other, and started a "Random Acts of Kindness" board where we can all show how meaningful these little gestures are. We wrote thoughtful notes and drew pictures for each other, sneaking over to Ben's as soon as it was -24 to send them in the mail.  We ended the week with a Valentine's Day celebration, dancing, and sweet treats. All brought to you by the colour red...

Decorating the pouches that will hold Valentines

Oil and Watercolour Heart

Preschool Puffy Heart

Sugar Cookies

Tom and Caleb make Valentiney Words

Valentine Math Games

Finding the Area of a shape with cinnamon hearts

Mr McT gave us candy today, so we baked it into our cookies. This seemed to make up for the fact I reduced the sugar in the recipe by more than half.

Special Delivery! What a surprise! 

Raspberry milkshakes with Interlake garden raspberries!