Wednesday, 26 February 2014

One Hundred Days Wiser

Today we marked the 100th day of school: the halfway point, the middle of our journey together. It was a day full of activity and numbers as we each measured, weighed, and counted one hundred items. Here are some moments from the day...

This was actually yesterday. Sam is recording day 99, in anticipation of tomorrow.

And here she is today, carefully laying out 100 squares of toilet paper. Brilliant!  She certainly had the longest line!

Not to mention the most unique object.

Making lines with 100 things.

100 buttons

100 pennies: longer than Tommy!
Nic's elastics measured over a metre.

The results from the weight, length, and area challenge.

Grouping our objects

Groups of two
Looking forward to the next 100 days! 
Stay Safe and Warm,
Ms Hadfield