Tuesday, 15 April 2014

From Winter to Spring

Hello Dear Readers,

It's already hard to imagine this was our playground a mere three weeks ago:

And here were are back to school in April, noticing the signs of spring.

morning meeting

writing down the signs of spring on seed paper...we will plant them when the snow is all gone.

Take a look at our playground now!

I am certainly thankful for the moms and dads that wash, hang, and dry-out our wet, muddy clothes after school. The cooperation, planning, and sensory experience that naturally unfolds when we play and work out here is so important to our learning and development.

Indoors, we have been enjoying the stories and art by Leo Lionni. His work has inspired us to create our own collages that will be on display at next week's Student Showcase evening.

We painted all of the paper needed for our collages, learning and practicing painting techniques to create pattern and texture.

Autumn wonders what to glue on next. Matt cuts out some grass.
Looking forward to seeing many of you next week.
And HEY! I saw a Robin today!