Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Signs of Spring

spring is coming, spring is coming
birdies build your nest.
weave together straw and feather
each one do your best.

spring is coming, spring is coming
all around is fair.
shimmer, glimmer on the meadow,
joy is everywhere.

This morning we took a walk to gather inspiration for our own spring poetry. A plump, playful Robin sang to us on the trail and let us come quite close. We heard and saw many geese, and Matt even saw a mouse! Here is a little clump of (what we believe to be) mushrooms. I haven't had any luck identifying them from a guide yet, so we will have to watch them closely to see if they change in the next few weeks. Let us know if you recognize them!

Autumn and Kix are pointing out the first Pussy Willows of the season. what an exciting discovery to find on the trail today.

Mud, and a thin layer of ice on the water this morning.

Stepping back in time, here are the photos from last week's Easter celebrations. I was so impressed with how independently and thoughtfully everyone went through the steps in making their own breakfast. Here is Myles blowing the yolk out of his egg (step one):

 After the yolk was blown out, we rinsed out the shells, and visited the egg-dying table.

We put the colourful shells aside to rest, while we added some special ingredients to our egg yolk: a splash of milk, a pinch of sugar, and a pinch of cinnamon as you see here:

We all went to the kitchen, and I can very happily and honestly say how easy it was to cook with this bunch. Everyone carefully dipped their bread into their egg mixture and lined up to have their breakfast cooked.


On Wednesday, when our pre-school friends were visiting, we found a mysterious arrow on the playground.

And then we found some mysterious eggs hiding in the trees!

Who could have left such beautiful treasures? A rabbit perhaps?

Happy Easter!