Monday, 7 October 2013

The Lonely Sunflowers

Last week we were inspired by a lonely sunflower plant that has been growing beside a tree in our schoolyard. The sunflowers surprised and delighted us as we are not so sure how the seed got there in the first place. It looks very unique amongst all the trees and mulch.

the persevering flowers

After examining this plant closely, coming up with words to describe it, and talking about the four things all living things need to survive (soil, water, sun, air), inside we went. We didn't want to harm the plant, so we took photos of the flowers and put them on SMART board when we got inside.

As we looked at the photos, we talked about the rich, warm colours of the flowers. This led us to a very famous artist named Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh painted a vase of twelve sunflowers that show warm yellows on a cool blue background.  Van Gogh used a thick oil paint for his work, so we decided to use thick oil pastels to create a similar effect. What do you think? Do they look van Goghish?

warm flowers

lots of pastel

pretty close!