Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tommy and Trent go Tenting

This morning, the letter of the morning was T. And as with every letter we talk about, we came up with words and pictures that include this letter. This morning, we must have been feeling terrific because the t-words had the children all very involved in telling me a funny story about Trent and Tommy. By popular demand, I have written what I can remember for you here. 

One Tuesday around ten, Tommy and Trent talked about toying with the transmission in their truck (their only form of transportation). Once their truck was together they drove to a tree and set up their tent (it was a tent that looked like a tepee). Tommy and Trent soon ran into their teacher who happened to be wearing a turtleneck. She served the boys some tea from her special tea-pot. She told them she had a t-shirt underneath incase it gets warm. Anyway, Tommy, Trent, and the teacher were tenting away when suddenly they saw a tiger with terrible teeth. The tiger was taking his pet turtle for a walk on a long tether. This was about the time Tommy and Trent decided to drive their truck down the trail to the town of Teulon. When they got to Teulon, the boys saw a big Tyrannosaurus Rex terrorizing the townspeople. So, they ran down the trail and saw two teenagers that had tears in their eyes. The teenagers had to use the toilet, so they got away without being torn up by the T-Rex. The T-Rex decided he would be tame. Trent and Tommy decided to take down their tent and try again tomorrow. They got home about ten o'clock that night.

I think that's about where we wrapped it up. Someone mentions a toilet and we all lose ourselves...

Here is some of the work we did afterwards:

K's at the plasticine table

Matthew looks for nine challenging T words 

Autumn draws and prints